Medical Bill Tips

Medical bills can become a major source of financial hemorrhage for some. As a patient, it is important for you to know what fees are involved in the procedure and how to negotiate them so you can avoid paying full price, when possible. Below are some tips that can help you reduce your medical bills:

Know all the common terms and fees for your procedure’s bill

Before you get a procedure, do thorough research of the costs and fees that are associated with it. Make sure you discuss this with your doctor so when the bill comes, you can see AND understand what you’re being charged for rather than being confused by it. Address any fees that are not related to your procedure – sometimes, medical professionals make mistakes and can overcharge you. So make sure you know how to spot them.

Use any discounts that you may qualify

Sometimes doctors offer special discounts on their site or on sites such as Yelp, so make sure to check out their pages and see if they are offering any coupons. If you are part of a healthcare discount membership program such as Premium Health Connections, look for doctors that are part of the program. You’ll be eligible to exclusive discounts.

Use any available charity care program

Often times, doctors have a charity care program that offers discounts for eligible patients. Don’t be embarrassed to ask your medical professional if he or she offers such a program – if you are eligible, you can save a large portion of your bill.

Talk to the person who is in charge of billing

If you are struggling financially, then you should explain your situation by talking to the person who is in charge of your medical billing and see if you can work something out. They may be able to provide you with a plan that is more feasible to your budget, so avoid accumulating any debt and late fees by talking to the person.

While medical bills are difficult to negotiate, it is not impossible. The key is to take a proactive approach and see if you qualify for any available discounts, promotions or plans. Most importantly, check your bill thoroughly and see if there are any errors.



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